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Thank You for inquiring about our:

Quick123Sites Web-Development Affiliate Program

Your Success is Our Success!

Hello, and Thank You for Inquiring about our Quick123Sites Web-Development Affiliate Program (W-DAP). An affiliate commission based program designed to provide a means for YOU to earn commissions by submitting Prospective Clients interested in purchasing our services, from which you then receive a 20% based commission after their purchase. 

Your commission will be accredited to you after a client has purchased one of our Services, such as a #1 Basic Package / #2 Premium Package, producing a minimum commission of $50 - $70 for you from that client's purchase. And the great news is, THERE IS NO LIMIT as to how many prospective clients you can submit in a day. So your earning potential is great!

And our Target Market literally has HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of prospective clients for you to choose from, making the whole process ridiculously simple for YOU!  And as if that's not enough, YOU don't even need to "Close the deal" so-to-speak. Just SUBMIT the interested client's information to us Online via your mobile device or computer by filling out a "Brief" online-form which takes less than a minute, and leave the rest to US! Our Web-Developers will "Close the deal" for you... and your commission will be on its way.

You can LITERALLY earn $50 -$70 in 3 to 10 minutes! (the general process time). Then, take the rest of the day off. Or not! Because YOU SET YOUR OWN SCHEDULE. No strings attached. Work today, or not. Work tomorrow, or not. It's all up to YOU. Use it as a side job to earn that little extra. Or dive head in and fulfill those financial goals of yours. And best of all, it's REMOTE WORK!

So if this sounds interesting to you and you would like to speak with a representative, send us an email by clicking the INQUIRY link below and drop us your contact number with a good time to call, and we'll be in touch soon!


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